Important Post-Election Investor Briefing Evening

Discover Where the Property Market Is Headed, The Best Property Strategies For 2019/20, And Whether Now Is The Right Time To Get In To Make HUGE PROFITS...

What phase is the property market now entering and what will happen to your portfolio?

There have been a lot of questions worrying property investors lately. Some of these are probably on your mind too... 

  • What does the election outcome mean for the property market now that Labor’s proposed changes to negative gearing and CGT are off the table?

  • Will REAL ESTATE VALUES NOW RISE or continue to fall over the year ahead… and is it the right time to be in or out of the market?

  • How will TAX CUTS, new first home buyer INCENTIVES and government spending initiatives benefit the property market?

  • WILL INTEREST RATES BE CUT in the coming months, making borrowing more affordable?

  • What types of housing represent the BEST OPPORTUNITIES right now, and which are the RISKIEST investments?

  • How will you continue to CREATE WEALTH and build your equity in a slower market?

  • What are THE RIGHT INVESTMENT STRATEGIES for the changing property market in 2019-2020 and beyond?

  • Will lending restrictions be relaxed this year, and how can you MAXIMISE your access to investment lending in today’s finance environment?

Conflicting headlines in the media about whether property values will rise, collapse or level out over the year ahead only add to the confusion. How can you tell who to believe?

Confusion leads to fear. And fear leads to paralysis... In other words, doing nothing.

“Fearful Investors Who Don’t Know What To Do, Do Nothing!

This Is The Worst Strategy You Could Adopt Right Now.”

How are YOU going to manage the NEXT PHASE in the property market?

Make no mistake... The property market has changed.

Fortunes will be made and lost in the next 2 years as a NEW PHASE in the property market takes hold.

Those who are educated and prepared stand to make substantial profits…

…while those who sit by, paralysed by uncertainty, will miss out on one of the greatest redistributions of wealth in recent history!

But in the new market, ‘traditional' investing strategies have become redundant and ineffective. To succeed and prosper, you MUST learn the RIGHT strategies for profiting in today’s market!

Those with the best information will have an “unfair advantage”…

Being well-informed about the FACTS - rather than falling victim to media hype, conjecture and opinion – will enable you to secure exceptional property deals in the current market.

Knowledge is the ultimate cure for property market fears.

Like you, we’ve had “a guts-full” of uninformed, inaccurate media speculation and fear-mongering!

So, to combat the misinformation bombarding investors, we're taking some time out to present special FREE 'Investor Briefing' evenings around the country this June/July!

Now… this is not your average run-of-the-mill property seminar.

At this special evening briefing we'll be revealing our latest fact-based research on the local property market - and where it's headed.

We’ll even reveal two suburbs in your State that are set to BOOM, and that most investors don’t even know about… yet!

PLUS you’ll get practical insights from active property investors on navigating today’s finance environment, proven strategies for creating wealth and building equity even in a slower property market, and more.

Join us for a relaxed evening featuring some of the most informative, hype-free, and practical property market information you'll get anywhere – designed to make a genuine difference to your investing success!

Everyday Investors. Extraordinary Success.

“With over 4.3 million dollars in profit generated… the lifestyle I’ve got and how I can provide for my family is very, very different from what it was!”

James M, SA

"This has really changed my life! I'm no longer an employee. I do the things that interest me... I just love it - it's fantastic!"

Adam B., WA

“Since implementing the strategies we learnt at Results Mentoring, we were able to quit our jobs at age 28. Our portfolio is now over 100 units!

Kevin & Daniella, VIC

In just 2.5 hours, you'll discover:

What the election result means for property investors…

Discover what the outcome of the Federal Election means for property investors!

Changes to negative gearing and CGT are now off the table, but does this make negative gearing a “safe” strategy into the future?

Are the Coalition’s other policies on tax, immigration, infrastructure spending and new First Home Buyer incentives good news or bad news for investors?

We’ll unpack all this and more in our special post-election analysis.

Two Specific Suburbs set to BOOM! (… and which areas to avoid like the plague!)

By the time you read about a 'boom' suburb in a magazine, it's too late - the capital growth has already happened and the best opportunities have already been picked over by other investors. Well, here's your opportunity to turn the tables and get an unfair advantage yourself...

As an exclusive bonus just for attendees, we’ll reveal TWO SPECIFIC SUBURBS in your State that are set to outperform the market over the next couple of years – and that most property investors don’t even know about… yet!

These hidden boom suburbs will be REVEALED FIRST AT THIS EXCLUSIVE BRIEFING. We won't be publishing them afterwards, so you must attend to find out where they are!

We’ll also highlight the areas you need to avoid like the plague (and if you hold property in these areas, you need to get out fast!)

How to tell if YOUR suburb is set to BOOM or CRASH!

Discover the ONLY effective way to predict the property market with consistency and accuracy. Unlike most property market forecasts, this doesn't rely on guesswork or luck!

It's the secret science the best property market experts use to know which way property prices in a suburb are about to move, so that you can 'time' your entry (and exit) with incredible accuracy.

Discover why the market goes up in some areas at the same time others are going down, so that you'll know where and when to invest. You’ll learn a simple but little-known test that tells you in moments whether a suburb has great potential for rapid price growth or should be avoided at all costs.

Use this test to check for warning signs in suburbs where you already own property, and to tell before you buy your next property whether the suburb is more likely to rise or fall in value over the coming months!

Where the property market is REALLY headed

Cut through the hype, fearmongering and misinformation in the media to get the FACTS on how the local property market is forecast to perform over the next year and beyond.

Changing market conditions create big opportunities for those in the know... Get the latest research and insights on the market to dispel the confusion so you can make better investing decisions and maximise your profits.

The secrets to making POSITIVE CASHFLOW in today's property market!

"Cashflow is King" when it comes to achieving financial freedom through property - not to mention making it easier to get finance to keep growing your portfolio.

Learn the secret to finding affordable positive cashflow properties TODAY - without the need for any special tools or expensive software packages!

Plus see the clever strategies we use to get superior rental returns from real estate, such as:

[CASE STUDY] How a young Sydney couple achieved rental returns of 10%+ on a “cheapie” deal purchased for less than $100K!

[CASE STUDY] How we're getting rental returns of 8%+ in TODAY's market... including the 5-figure postive cashflow from a recent property bought within 35 minutes of a major city.

[CASE STUDY] How a Melbourne couple secured a positive cashflow property for $200,000 under the asking price... and then got 16% off the asking price of another house in the same month.

How to MAXIMISE your access to finance in the next 3 months!

Over the last three years Australia's regulators have forced the banks to tighten up on lending to investors - leaving many investors confused, frustrated, and "stuck".

But this is mainly a problem for those who don't understand the recent changes in lending, and therefore don't know what to do about them...

We’ll show you how your ability to access finance may have just IMPROVED, and the simple steps you can take in the next 3 months to make getting finance a whole lot EASIER!

Systems to CREATE YOUR OWN CAPITAL GROWTH in a flat market!

When the property market slows down, smart investors turn to active value-adding strategies like renovation to create your own capital growth.

Just one of the success secrets you'll be trained in is our "33% rule" - a simple technique that reveals whether adding value to a property will be profitable, before you buy it!

Through real-life case studies you'll see how ordinary Aussies are using these techniques to make significant returns from property in months rather than years - including:

[CASE STUDY] How a purchasing officer started with simple renovations and graduated to multi-unit developments in just 5 years!

[CASE STUDY] How an ex-IT consultant now makes OVER 7 figures from his property deals!



It's now more important than ever in the current lending climate to present the strongest financial position that you can to a lender. This means minimising or eliminating unnecessary "consumer debts" wherever possible - so that they don't count against your borrowing capacity.

What's more, paying off those debts quickly, and saving $10,000's (or even $100,000's) of interest over the lifetime of your finance, can add a substantial amount of money to your back pocket.

The Rapid Debt Reduction System shows you how to wipe out your debts in HALF the time - and is a must-have resource for any intelligent investor.

This important resource will be provided to all Investor Briefing attendees as a special free gift designed to help set you up for success in today's changed lending environment.

Everyday Investors. Extraordinary Success.

“I have achieved the ability to live off property! My skills have allowed me to earn a 7-figure income. Results Mentoring has given me a new life. I'm free!”

Jason E, QLD

"I don't have a day job anymore - so our property investing fully supports our life and has really replaced my income."

Axel P, NSW

"I was able to leave my job, and now I do property investing and developing full time. It's a great feeling!"

Zoltan C, VIC

Who Will This Workshop Benefit Most?

You'll get the most from this special evening event if you are willing and able to take action to implement the information, strategies and techniques that you'll be taught.

As such, this event is for you if:

You have savings of $40,000+ OR equity in your own home or other investment property

You are currently in regular paid employment or self-employed with an income of $80,000+

You have made a conscious decision to create a better life for yourself and your family, and you see property as the investing strategy to achieve this

You want greater clarity about today's market in order to make better investing decisions, avoid costly mistakes, and build a profitable property portfolio

You are an action-taker (and willing to apply what you'll learn)

Who is this evening event NOT for?

Those looking for a "get rich quick" scheme should stay away. As should anyone who believes that substantial wealth can be created without any real application of effort.

If poor financial discipline is the reason you're not getting ahead, then don't expect a "silver bullet" to solve bad financial habits ...although if you're open-minded and prepared to change, then we'll provide tools and techniques that can help.

But if you're not willing to take on new ideas, then this unique event isn't for you.

A highly experienced investor, Simon has been investing in property for over 15 years using a broad range of strategies including positive cash flow, renovations, property development and commercial properties, both within Australia and overseas - and is currently involved in over $20M of property deals.

Holding university degrees in Commerce and Law, and with over

10 years' experience as a business consultant, Simon turned his back on corporate life forever following the births of his two children and now spends his time investing, developing property, and building businesses - while teaching others how they can do the same. He has personally coached hundreds of investors in techniques that can be used to profit from property in any market, and has presented to thousands of people at property conferences and seminars around Australia and New Zealand.

Simon's opinions on the property market and real-world investing strategies have featured in Your Investment Property magazine, Smart Property Investment, Channel7 News at 6, Kevin Turner's Real Estate Talk, and Property Observer. He is co-author of critically acclaimed property book The Real Deal, and a Director of Australia's premier mentoring service for property investors: the RESULTS Mentoring Program.

Simon Buckingham

Meet Your Presenters...

With a wide breadth of experience built up over 20 years of investing in property, Brendan's expertise spans multiple property strategies including renovations, growth properties, positive cash flow deals, industrial properties and property development - and he is presently involved in multiple real estate projects valued in the tens of millions. Brendan helped establish the RESULTS Mentoring Program and has since personally mentored over a

thousand people in all aspects of property investing.

Today, as a public speaker, professional investor and Director of the RESULTS Mentoring Program, Brendan contributes regularly to articles in Your Investment Property magazine, Smart Property Investment, and other property media offering tips for property investors. He presents regularly at seminars and donates his time to local investor networking groups as a motivator and educator on property investing and wealth creation strategies. Brendan co-wrote The Real Deal: Property Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom, published in 2010 by Wright Books.

Brendan Kelly


Education with INTEGRITY

Don't worry - we're 100% independent of any buyer's agent or real estate agent, and have no affiliation with any off-the-plan property developer. We pride ourselves on operating with the highest level of integrity.

What's more, as one of the few property educators with membership in the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) Association, we subscribe to a strict Code of Conduct requiring a commitment to education, disclosure, and honest practice.

Who Are We... And Why Should You Listen To Us?

For over a decade, the Results Mentoring team has been helping Australians to achieve incredible profits from property investing.

In fact, we took out the top prize in our Best Mentor/Educator category in the only ever Investors Choice Awards - run in 2015 by Sterling Publishing (publishers of Smart Property Investment magazine and Which Investment Property), which saw over 7,000 votes cast.

We're not your typical property 'gurus'. In fact, our goal has always been to provide the latest education, support and tools to help property investors succeed. Not to sell you overpriced properties and 'get rich quick' seminars.

In fact, here are 11 REASONS why we're different to all the other so-called property investing experts on the seminar circuit today ...

  1. We'll never try to sell you a property. We are not associated with any off-the-plan developer, real estate agent or buyers agent. We have no vested interest in promoting any specific property or location. (There's a massive conflict of interest when someone says they'll "educate" you but actually makes money from you buying one of their pre-selected properties.)
  2. We're ACTIVE property investors who are in the market RIGHT NOW, practicing what we preach ...doing everything from low-money-down deals, positive cash flow deals, small-scale developments, right up to multi-million dollar apartment buildings! We're not academics or 'once-upon-a-time' investors teaching what used to work. We'll show you the profit making strategies that we're using in the market to make money TODAY.
  3. EXPERIENCE across multiple property investing strategies. We know there's no "one-size-fits-all" property investing strategy. The investing strategy that's right for you might not be the same as the one for the person sitting next to you. Our experience across residential capital growth properties, positive cash flow, renovation, subdivision, property development, commercial property, overseas investing and more enables us to mentor you on the strategies most applicable to your interests and personal circumstances. 
  4. We deliver unrivaled 1-on-1 mentoring, in-depth practical information, and leading edge resources for property investors at all levels of experience. 
  5. We've trained thousands of people, and personally mentored more than 2,000 members over the past 12 years in real world techniques to create significant profits through property. 
  6. Our members take action, and have bought over $456M of property (at cost) over the last nine years on their journeys towards financial freedom. 
  7. We teach easy to use, step-by-step Sustainable Property Investing Systems to help property investors maximise profits and create multi-property portfolios… without the risks of long-term "buy and hold" strategies.
  8. We provide in-depth actionable education on all property investing strategies to help our clients make money under any market conditions.
  9. We teach practical techniques to identify the profit in a deal before you sign any contract of sale. Not "gut feel" or guesswork.
  10. We've created a unique community of like-minded investors providing exceptional opportunities to receive real-world support and form lasting business relationships.
  11. INTEGRITY. As one of the few property educators who are members of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) Association, we subscribe to a strict code of ethics and disclosure. (If you're considering any form of property education, ask if the provider is a member of PIPA and subscribes to the Association's Code of Conduct. If not, you have to question why?)

Geelong, VIC - Thursday, 27 June

6:30pm - 9pm

Novotel Geelong

10-14 Eastern Beach, Geelong

Chatswood, NSW - Tuesday, 2 July

6:30pm - 9pm

Quest Chatswood

38 Albert Ave, Chatswood

Surfers Paradise, QLD - Tuesday, 18 June

6:30pm - 9pm

Novotel Surfers Paradise Hotel

Cnr Surfers Paradise Blvd & Hanlan Street

Sydney, NSW - Thursday, 4 July

6:30pm - 9pm

SMC Conference & Function Centre

66 Goulburn St, Sydney

Chadstone, VIC - Tuesday, 25 June

6:30pm - 9pm

Matthew Flinders Hotel

667 Warrigal Rd, Chadstone

Melbourne, VIC - Wednesday, 26 June

6:30pm - 9pm

Seasons Botanic Gardens 

348 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne

Parramatta, NSW - Wednesday, 3 July

6:30pm - 9pm

Novotel Parramatta

350 Church St, Parramatta

Locations, Dates & Times

Brisbane, QLD - Wednesday, 19 June

6:30pm - 9pm

Quest Kelvin Grove 

41 Ramsgate St, Kelvin Grove

Please know that information about our products and services, including the opportunity to participate in the award-winning Results Mentoring Program, will be made available at the end of the evening should you wish to continue your learning with our support to accelerate your property investing.